About Us

Who We Are ?

Established in 2008, Ind + Architects has principally practiced in architecture and the provision of architectural services. Based in Mumbai, India the firm has completed a diversified type of work all over India. Ind + Architects is headed by its founding Principal Director, Hemal Sanghavi.

Each project brings with it its own particular constraints and requirements and at Ind + Architects we place emphasis on providing personal service focused on clients’ needs, functions and aspirations. It is for this reason that a director supervises each project; ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget and to the highest level of client satisfaction.

We fuse creative experimentation with technical knowledge to come up with innovative yet practical solutions. Ind+Architects see effective client and end user involvement in projects as being critical to a successful project outcome. At the start of each project we work with the client to develop a design and consultation strategy to form a framework for the development of the project. We identify the consultants required, and work out the best way to get their input and develop ideas.